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Socitm and its members has been involved in shaping the IT agenda of regional public services including councils, police, fire & rescue and housing associations for over 30 years.  During that time it's also had a hand in supporting a range of IT initiatives in the NHS and wider health sector particularly where there's been touch points with Social Care.  Very recently, Socitm actively supported Healthcare policy development and market engagement initiatives in conjunction with DH, DCLG, LGA and ADASS targeting new models of working, interoperability standards and cyber security.  As the operator of the CIO Council, Socitm has also seen first-hand the need for the local health economy to work with and across Social Care to collectively simplify and improve the patient experience.  An IT efficient Social Care model will also deliver the service efficiencies required by Trusts to address funding deficits.

Whilst an IT activist in the Health sector, we've been able to develop a strong sense from those Trusts and CCG's we rubbed shoulders with that many of the challenges we've been dealing with in local public services are mirrored at an NHS Trust level e.g. under-investment in core infrastructure, lack of professional development of IT staff, fragmented, service-line by service-line approaches rather than enterprise-wide thinking and roadmaps, etc.  We concluded that whilst Socitm's commitment to IT improvement in local public services remains at the core of our agenda, we also have much to offer the NHS and Healthcare sector.  Accordingly, Socitm Advisory is now investing in expanding its services into the NHS sector and looking to partner with Trusts to help tackle a range of their IT priority challenges.

At this stage we are not 100% sure which of our existing services are going to be in most demand in Healthcare. We anticipate that the following services could offer benefits to both NHS organisations and Local Authorities:

  • Social Care integration & interoperability reviews
  • STP Technology Roadmaps & Infrastructure implementations reviews
  • STP Back-Office workstreams including Shared Services Business cases
  • On-premise IT to Cloud Migration Roadmap and plan development
  • Commercial and Contract review best practice
  • Cyber-security, Information Governance and GDPR assurance reviews
  • Intelligent mobile working models and implementation planning
  • IT benchmarks and improvement service

We believe that our Local Authority heritage and experience of its IT leadership, operation and culture will be attractive to many STP programmes where the level of contribution and representation from councils is yet at the necessary level to deliver viable, integrated solutions.

Socitm has a growing reputation as a Trusted Advisor and Critical Friend to CIO's and COO's.  This we believe has resulted from our focus on outcomes whilst remaining solution agnostic and vendor independent.  This role could play a crucial part in STP IT priority options appraisals and decision making.

Socitm has an award winning IT benchmark data & information service that has helped councils change and re-align their IT investments and reduce revenue spend - saving millions.  We believe that we have a great foundation on which to co-develop a similar service across the NHS to better inform IT investment decisions and save Trusts money.

With access to some 200+ IT & Business Change Consultants, around 50 of which have Health & Social Care experience, we will engage with NHS organisations on a 5 day review or a multi-year IT implementation contract.  Socitm  services can be accessed via a range of Public Sector frameworks including GC-9, DOS and Consultancy 1 and 2 (Management Consultancy Lot) operated by Crown Commercial Services.  This supports procurement compliance and accelerated access to our services. 

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